Wayne Simmonds Moves On To Round Two Of NHL 14 Cover Contest

By Jesse Seilhan
Philadelphia Flyers Wayne Simmonds
Charles LeClaire – USA Today

The Philadelphia Flyers are hoping to have a few players bring home medals in international play, but they would certainly benefit from Wayne Simmonds making the cover of NHL 14. The yearly Electronic Arts video game is currently through two rounds of the voting process and Simmonds has remained as one of 16 players left. He was able to handily rise above the prior field of 32, but the next few rounds will be head-to-head voting battles against another team’s potential winner.

Ironically, Simmonds is up against heated rival Pittsburgh Penguins and their Russian superstar Evgeni Malkin. These two teams have potentially the most intense battles in the entire NHL, often ending with offensive flurries and fisticuffs. This voting battle should rile up enough intensity between both fan bases to make it a close call. The Wayne Train keeps on rolling, and if there is one thing that motivates the citizens of Philadelphia and Flyer fans everywhere, it is a chance to defeat the Penguins in any way possible. Expect Simmonds to get through to the next round and even potentially win it all.

It’s strange that the true superstars of each team aren’t pitted against one another, as guys like Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, and Rick Nash would all get huge support from their respective fan bases. Maybe they don’t want repeat athletes or those that have appeared on their rival hockey games’ cover, but pitting one team’s second line grinding rookie versus another team’s All-Star goalie seems a little unfair. Expect some of the players with big seasons to make it deep, but with Flyer fans having no playoff hockey to watch, expect more of them to vote and move Simmonds even further.


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