Toronto Maple Leafs Focus On Face-offs

By Stephanie Lewark
Kevin Hoffman – USA TODAY Sports

Face-offs are a large part of hockey games and they lead to puck possession, so they’re an important part of games as well.  Recent talk from the Toronto Maple Leafs camp seems to focus on face-offs.  The focus is mainly on the Boston Bruins ability to “cheat better” according to Maple Leafs forward Tyler Bozak.

As I understand it, I believe cheating is part of being good at face-offs and it’s basically how well you can cheat or, rather, how well you can cheat without being caught.  With that being said, Bozak’s complaint is moot and Toronto should just buckle down and find a way to get better than Boston at face-offs.  Simply, the Bruins are dominating face-offs and the Leafs have to find a way to “cheat better” and win more.  This is not something that just centers, like Bozak, need to concern themselves with as the other four guys on the ice need to chip in at getting better with fighting to gain possession of the puck as well.

Perhaps Bozak’s real complaint stems from Boston’s ability to hold him to a 43 percent rate of success which is nine percent less than his average during the regular season.  And, perhaps, face-offs are not the biggest of the Maple Leafs real issues in that they should be looking at themselves for a solution for losing instead of pointing the finger at the refs or the Bruins.

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