Penalty Kill Fix Needed for Nashville Predators

By Andy Schmidt
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Nashville Predators became a team that needed their goalie to keep them in games all season long because they couldn’t score on a consistent basis which resulted in the team not making the playoffs and finishing with a 16-23-9 record. As the offseason begins for the Predators, there is a significant portion of their game that needs to be worked on. That would be their penalty kill.

Nashville was the second-worst team in the NHL in killing off penalties, giving up goals 24% of the time. You can look at the fact that the team took too many penalties which led to them have to kill off all these power plays, but I look at something else. My major problem comes down to how bad the team was in the final month of the season as the Predators were 2-9-2 in the month of April.  I also look at something that we now know more about and that is the injury to Pekka Rinne.

Rinne underwent surgery on his left hip after the season was over, and something tells me that his injury had a huge impact on the late-season collapse. There are players like Shea Weber who may have been able to do more but the loss of Ryan Suter in free agency didn’t help either. I’m sure that the team has players in mind to help fix the woeful penalty kill. I shall wait to see if next season brings a completely different Nashville team in a number of different places.

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