Toronto Maple Leafs: Most Expensive NHL Experience, Report Says

By Thomas Emerick
Toronto Maple Leafs Frattin
Charles LeClaire – USA TODAY Sports

The Toronto Maples Leafs have gone through a rough 21st century on the ice — not to mention a rough 20th century — which only makes it even more impressive how their fan base remains fervent and undeterred. When you throw in both the arm and leg it costs to attend one of 41 home regular season games a year, this becomes even more of a feat.

The National Post has released a report on the 25 most expensive teams to see live in North America, and the Maple Leafs nabbed the top spot among NHL teams at No. 5, with Canadian neighbor Winnipeg Jets sitting at second among hockey squads at No. 10.

According to the report, which gathers data from, the one-person experience for Toronto’s pro hockey contests at Air Canada Centre rates at $151.4o (US) per person, with tickets at $124.69 and the Fan Cost Index — which “uses the same data but is calculated for a family of four and requires the purchase of additional items such as programs and caps” — at $631.15 for the outing.

By comparison, the Montreal Canadiens came in at 25th on the list with an average ticket of $78.56, $104 per person for the experience and a Fan Cost Index of $400.68. (read $40.68 as of Saturday afternoon but in the context of the story, it seemed obvious that an extra zero was intended).

Toronto’s a vibrant metropolis with a high standard of living, so it makes sense that the cost to see their most popular sports team is rather high. Though, tops in the NHL for a team that hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967 is slightly surprising, even if these types of things aren’t necessarily correlated.

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