Marc Methot A Steady Defensive Presence For The Ottawa Senators

By Randy Holt
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Despite a real lack of recognizable names on their blue line, outside of the likes of Erik Karlsson or Sergei Gonchar, the Ottawa Senators spent much of the regular season, as well as these Stanley Cup Playoffs, as one of the top defensive clubs in the game. There’s a reason for that.

Actually, there are multiple reasons for that. One of those reasons is a player that has flown under the radar in his brief time with the Senators: Marc Methot. Methot has proven to be one of the league’s more underrated defensemen, particularly this season with Ottawa.

He’s not the type of defenseman that is going to put up points. That’s obviously Karlsson’s job. Methot finished the year with just 11 points, including two goals. Those 11 were just six shy of his career high that he set a few years ago, coming in 19 games left than that total did.

Methot was third among Ottawa defensemen in ice time during the 2013 season, ranking behind only Karlsson and Gonchar. He easily led the club in shorthanded minutes per game, helping lead the Senators on a penalty kill unit that stopped 88 percent of opposing power plays, best rate in the league.

Along with Karlsson, Methot matches up against the opposing team’s best competition regularly. We’ve seen it plenty in this series, where the two have been matched up against the likes of Sidney Crosby. Outside of that whole hat trick thing in Game 2, the results have been pretty impressive.

Methot isn’t a star defenseman by any means, but he’s definitely proven to be reliable. He’s a steady defensive defenseman that plays a contrasting style to the likes of Karlsson. As the Senators go deeper into the playoffs, it becomes more evident just how important Methot is to this club.

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