Vancouver Canucks: Frank Corrado Could See Increased Role Next Season

By Randy Holt
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

There was quite a little bit of buzz surrounding Frank Corrado when the Vancouver Canucks called him up towards the end of the regular season. With a blue line decimated by injury, Corrado was called upon to bring some stability and get some playoff experience in the season’s final stretch.

That playoff run came to an end much sooner than anyone could have expected. Another playoff disappointment means that this team is headed for a shakeup this summer, likely behind the bench, as well as on the ice. When the dust settles, will Corrado still be a part of this defensive corps?

That’s certainly a possibility. Despite having played just three games above the junior level before making his career debut on April 22nd, Corrado fit right in with the Canucks. He didn’t put a point up on the stat sheet, but fared quite well, whether his partner was Andrew Alberts or Alex Edler.

Corrado didn’t see a ton of time over the course of the seven games that he played at the end of the season for Vancouver, but the numbers indicate that he was solid. He finished with a Corsi rating of 10 combined between playing with the two, matching up against some pretty solid competition.

Heading into the new season, there’s really no telling what the plan is for this club overall, let alone a youngster like Corrado. But if the Canucks were willing to burn a year of his entry-level deal on a few games at the end of the season, they were either desperate, or really like the kid. It’s probably the latter.

It’s probably going to take some time, but Corrado could be a very good two-way defenseman for this club. The fact that he has already used a year of his contract means that it’s unlikely he’s going to spend much time in the AHL. They’re going to want him up and playing, in order to gain a true assessment of just what they have in the former fifth round pick.

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