Matt Hendricks Would Be A Nice Fit With Vancouver Canucks

By Randy Holt
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We’re still several weeks away from free agency getting underway, but we’re already starting to get an idea of which free agents, or at least potential free agents, the Vancouver Canucks could have interest in. One of those players is rumored to be Matt Hendricks.

Multiple sites have reported that the Canucks will likely have some interest in Hendricks if he should hit the market. That’s the question though. His priority is to re-sign with the Caps. Should those negotiations fall through, however, the Canucks will be waiting.

And he’d be a nice pickup as a depth option. Hendricks isn’t the type of guy who is going to come in and automatically mean playoff success for a team that has fallen flat on their face in nearly every postseason in the last several years, with the exception of 2010-2011.

He had just eight points for the Caps in this shortened season, with his career high of 25 coming back in the ’10-’11 campaign. What he does bring to the ice is a physical game that the Canucks aren’t exactly unfamiliar with. That’s on top of supposedly being a great guy in the locker room.

In a full season last year, in which Hendricks played in 77 games, he finished with 219 hits. In 48 this year, he had 93. He’s a versatile guy capable of playing on the wing, but the Canucks would definitely be looking at him to play in the middle.

That has been a position of weakness for Vancouver, particularly this year where the addition of Derek Roy and his complete inability to win a faceoff did virtually nothing for them. Hendricks won 56 percent of his draws this season. He sounds just like the type of guy the Canucks are looking for.

That’s assuming they can afford him. The Canucks are definitely going to shake up their roster a bit this summer. They’ll make some moves to free up some cash. Hendricks is going to be looking for a raise from the six figures he’s currently making.

If the Canucks are able to free up that extra coin, and Hendricks doesn’t ask too much (and assuming he actually hits the market as a free agent), this could definitely be a nice match when free agency starts in July.

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