Former New Jersey Devils Forward Scott Gomez Finding Redemption with San Jose Sharks

By Mark Donatiello
Ed Szczepanski – USA TODAY SPORTS

It wasn’t that long ago that Scott Gomez was the laughing stock of the NHL. He went on an epic-scoring drought that spanned more than a full calendar year, but the San Jose Sharks saw something in the former New Jersey Devils star that the Montreal Canadiens and the rest of the league missed.

On one of the hottest teams in the playoffs this year, Scott Gomez anchors the second power-play line and has emerged as a viable scoring threat. He can still handle the puck, and he can still skate better than most. He’s a useful veteran that rarely makes mistakes, making his presence on the roster nearly risk-free. Surprisingly enough, Gomez is proving himself to be a perfect fit in the San Jose attack.

When the New Jersey Devils allowed Scott Gomez to walk away, it appeared they got the better end of the deal. The New York Rangers overpaid for him. When he and Brian Gionta ended up in Montreal, Lou Lamoriello appeared to have gotten the better of the rest of the league once again. Gionta is now the long-standing captain of the Habs, but Gomez was a bust in every sense of the word.

While I personally hold a grudge against any player so emotionally uninvested that he can leave a team to play for their rivals, it’s sort of refreshing to see Scott Gomez playing better. While his scoreless streak was humor for everyone except Montreal fans, he looks nothing like the guy that we all shared a laugh about at one time or another.

Gomez’s unexpected redemption is a fun playoff headline, and don’t we all love a good underdog story?

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