Los Angeles Kings Make Insensitive Twitter Joke

By Kaylyn Neely
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Kings probably have the strongest social-media team in sports. They’re twitter handle is @LAKings.

The Kings twitter hits on hockey culture and rivalries. They rarely ever fall short when it comes to a great hockey one liner or insulting another team in a way that’s filled with upbeat humor. Sports and public relations have always had a complex relationship but the Kings have found a way to come across in a real and refreshing manner. The Kings twitter page says, “Just a quick note, we apologize for any future tweets that may offend you” in the biography section. Most of the time, the Kings tweets have minimal sting to the vast majority of the population.

Unless, they’re making fun of your team. Or you’re Sidney Crosby.

However, on Tuesday night, it seems like the Kings took it a little too far. Rape jokes are a forbidden area. And, that’s the area that the Kings guest tweeter dove right into.

Los Angeles-based radio DJ Kevin Ryder joined the Kings tweeting team during the Kings playoff game against the San Jose Sharks

Ryder, from the Kings handle, tweeted: “(Sharks’ T.J.) Galiardi, gets a penalty for running over (Kings goalie Jonathan) Quick. Power Play Kings. (Kings’ Anze) Kopitar just got sexually assaulted in front of (Sharks goalie) Niemi.”

The Kings quickly took down the post and issued an apology tweet. Ryder also tried to clean up the damage he did on his personal account.

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