Nashville Predators Need More Offense From Mike Fisher

By Randy Holt
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

At this point in his career, it’s probably not a good thing that Nashville Predators forward Mike Fisher is known for being married to country star Carrie Underwood more than anything he does on the ice. But that’s exactly the type of direction that his career has gone in the past few years.

The Predators are a team starved for offense. Their defensive game, which wasn’t as good this year as in year’s past, can only get them so far. They need legitimate contributions on offense, and Fisher is supposed to be one of the players that gets it for them. But that wasn’t the case this season.

Fisher actually had a pretty decent 2011-2012 season. He flew under the radar as a contributor to a Predators team that was expected to make a lot of noise in the postseason, finishing the season with 24 points and 27 assists in 72 games. This season didn’t see that type of production.

Injuries limited Fisher to 38 games in the shortened campaign, and he was able to put only 21 points up on the stat sheet. Those points included just 10 goals. Of course, being on the Predators, both his point total and his goal total managed to rank third on the team. So there’s that.

There’s no doubt that Fisher is a good center for this club, especially from a defensive perspective. He wins about half of his faceoffs, if just a percentage or two lower, and plays that gritty style that makes him a perfect fit. But as a no. 1 center, he needs to produce offense with more regularity.

The Predators are on the hook for a cap hit of over $4 million for the next two years for Fisher. In order to make that worth it, and to help the Predators work their way back to respectability next season, Fisher is going to need to bring more to the table in the offensive end.

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