Is The Phoenix Coyotes Ownership Saga Nearing Its End?

By Randy Holt
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here we are again.

We’ve already spent a great deal of time talking about the free agents that the Phoenix Coyotes have to deal with this summer, as well as the matter of the fact that their head coach, Dave Tippett, is a free agent this summer. Which means there is a lot of work to do with this roster.

Not that ownership has prevented Don Maloney from putting a terrific team on the ice, but it would go a long way towards helping the team’s plans this summer if they were to get that all settled. And it looks like this club could finally be seeing its ownership woes come to an end. Again.

We’ve been here before. The Coyotes get ownership in place, but can’t get the lease business sorted out with the City of Glendale for Arena, and things fall apart. The most recent case of a potential ownership falling into shambles was with Greg Jamison. But here we are again with the Coyotes and a new prospective owner.

Luckily, the group that is trying to purchase the Coyotes this time is also planning on keeping them in Glendale and not relocating to Quebec City or any other amount of destinations throughout North America. The plan is for the potential ownership group, which is a combination of names from the likes of AltaCorp and Ice Edge Holdings (sound familiar?) to present their proposal to the city next week, probably on Tuesday.

If the ownership group is able to piece together a proposal that is favorable for the city of Glendale, which includes the sticking point of how much the group is willing to put up in order to manage the arena. That has been the death blow to other potential owners, Jamison in particular.

This could be the final stand for the Coyotes as a franchise in the desert. If this falls through, as so many have before this, then the Coyotes could be ready to pack it up and head north, whether to Canada or to Seattle. But the vibe right now is pretty positive. Stay tuned.

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