Philadelphia Flyers Prospect Eric Wellwood Hopes To Play Again

By Deanna Vasso
Eric Wellwood starts rehab
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About six weeks ago, we were horrified to see the picture of a bloody skate tweeted out, shared and put on multiple hockey blogs. The picture, taken in the locker room, was the aftermath of Philadelphia Flyers‘ prospect Eric Wellwood cutting his foot on his own skate during an Adirondack Phantoms game.

Wellwood’s injury brought back the debate of if the league should make wearing cut-proof socks mandatory, but it also brought the NHL together to wish Wellwood a swift recovery from such a gruesome injury. It’s been a little over a month since his accident, and Wellwood has finally gotten his cast off. He was on bed rest during that time and has not really moved his foot since then.

The Flyers caught up with Wellwood last Wednesday, the same day he got his cast off and began rehab. Despite the 23-year-old winger’s optimism his condition still looks grim. When he cut his skate on his foot he severed three tendons and cut 70 percent of his Achilles tendon and had to be rushed to the hospital immediately to begin surgeries to repair it. Due to cutting through his artery he still cannot fly and even admitted, “my doctors had never seen anything like this before.”

“The first priority is to walk again,” Wellwood said in an interview with Flyers TV, “which they [my doctors] believe is going to happen … my goal is to play again and that’s what their goal is. I think if I just work hard at it we’ll see where it takes us.”

Considering that he is just now starting rehab, his projected nine months on the injury reserve list is accurate. He’s going to have to work hard at it if he wants to return to playing after this injury. He’ll have to work even harder if he wants to do that as a Flyer.

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