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Buffalo Sabres Free Agency: Brian Flynn

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With the National Hockey League‘s free agency frenzy slightly over a month away, the Buffalo Sabres will be faced with some in-house decisions regarding the status of certain players. We intend to look at each situation, provide some analysis (the key word is some) and share our opinion on where they will wind up. Who shall stay and who will depart? We’ll now be moving on to Brian Flynn.

Contract Details: Pending restricted free agent

Last Year: Salary of $925,000 and cap hit of $601,000

Age: 24

The Scoop: A new name to have his number called by Buffalo, Flynn was not out of his depth during his 26-game experiment, maintaining a terrific standard of competitiveness. Now he will be motivated to make a mark at training camp in September and give the coaching staff incentive to grant him a permanent position. His comments earlier this month, regarding his self-belief and determination to stay in the league at any cost, are certainly encouraging.

Why They Would Want to Keep Him: One of three players with a plus -6 rating to lead the team, Flynn did not neglect the necessity of helping out in his own end. The fact that he did not dwell in the penalty box for a single minute is a testament to his smarts and quick thinking as he was not baited into actions that would hurt his side. Undrafted and having had to bide his time at the college level before climbing to the American Hockey League, he understands that this is his big chance to secure a place in the team’s ongoing reshape. 

What Will Worry Them: Flynn did not target the body with regularity, and although he has room to gain more muscle mass he must be more unforgiving along the boards. The knock on him is his strength, and one has to wonder if he is prepared for the long grind of a full season in the NHL. With the right conditioning and workout regimen he can easily bulk up in the upcoming months.

Final Verdict: Negotiations should be straightforward because Flynn is stoked to be involved with the organization and that will be duly noted by Buffalo’s management contingent. His payment and salary cap hit will also be limited, making it that much easier for agreements to be painless.

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