Chicago Blackhawks Fight Back, Bring Semifinals Home for Final Showdown

By Krista Golden
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where men patrol the village streets during a plague outbreak looking for those who’ve died by calling out “Bring out your dead!” A body is brought out into the street, but the corpse then comes to life and says “I ain’t dead yet!” Now picture that scene with the Chicago Blackhawks as the reanimated corpse in the hands of the Detroit Red Wings.

Monday night’s 4-3 win proved that despite being knocked down, there’s still life in the Blackhawks. Their third period comeback after the terrible goal Corey Crawford allowed was nothing short of amazing. To hear the players tell it, they spent the second intermission giving motivational speeches and vowing to win the game for Crawford because they owed it to him. They did that with a flourish.

It began with Michal Handzus’ goal only 51 seconds into the third period, which tied the game. Bryan Bickell shoveled in a rebound from Jonathan Toews, who shot from the corner. Both goals were an example of how forechecking, net presence and traffic spelled success for the Blackhawks. The pressure they put on the Wings in their zone paid off.

The last goal the Blackhawks scored was from Michael Frolik, who’d been slashed by Carlo Colaiacovo on a breakaway and given a penalty shot. His backhand move sailed past Jimmy Howard, and the Blackhawks added another amazing record to their collection. Frolik is the only player in NHL history to have two penalty shots in the playoffs, both of which were successful.

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