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2013 NHL Playoffs: 5 Reasons Why Chicago Blackhawks Will Win Game 7

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Why Will Chicago Win Game 7?

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We have reached a deciding game in the second round NHL playoff series between the Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks after Chicago won Game 6 on Monday night on the road. I didn’t see any way how the Blackhawks would still be in this series after falling behind 3-1 in the series, but here we are. I think that it is almost a foregone conclusion now, though, that the Blackhawks will win Game 7 to advance.

I will explain my five reasons why I see that happening in a moment, but take a look back at this series in general. The Blackhawks looked like they didn’t care for their entire playoff run so far up until Game 5 of this series. Chicago must have realized that history was on the line and that they couldn’t afford to not make it to the Stanley Cup Finals let alone not winning it. Detroit looked like the better team for most of this series, but has allowed the Blackhawks back into it. I think everyone who has watched this series has realized that the crowd in Chicago is one of the loudest and more vocal in the entire league.

It will be a treat to see these two long-time rivals get one final game against each other before Detroit moves to the Eastern Conference next year. I can only assume that the fans will be outside of the United Center well before the puck drops on Wednesday night. I think this series is over, though, and that the Blackhawks will be moving on to the next round. Here are my five reasons to believe that the Blackhawks will win Game 7 to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

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5. Game 7 is in Chicago

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It has come down to one final game and with how good the Blackhawks were in the regular season, they get this game at home to decide who moves into the Western Conference Finals. This is one of the biggest deciding factors in who moves on. There aren’t going to be many teams who can go into the United Center with everything on the line and find a way to beat Chicago. It may be that the hill is just too high to climb for the Red Wings. There is no doubt that this has been a great series, but the fact Game 7 is at home for the Blackhawks, will decide it all.

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4. Momentum is On Chicago’s Side

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There is a lot said about momentum in the postseason and Chicago has all of that right now. They have figured out how to play like they did to open this shortened season. That spells bad news for anyone else in their way if they can finish this comeback and win Game 7. The Blackhawks didn’t even let it faze them when they were down a goal going into the third period of Game 6. A goal was scored one minute into that final period. I think that is where the momentum of this series was fully turned Chicago’s way and why there may be no way to slow it down now.

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3. Detroit Had Its Chance in Game 6

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The Red Wings had the Blackhawks against the wall after taking the 3-1 series lead. They should have never allowed this to get back to Chicago for a deciding game. I don’t think that this series would have made it to Game 7 if Nicklas Lidstrom was still in a Detroit uniform. This is a Detroit team that seems to not have the killer instinct right now. Detroit had to finish the Blackhawks off when it had the chance at home. It is possible that the Red Wings turn things around and win Game 7 on the road, but their best chance was Game 6.

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2. Jonathan Toews Has Woken Up

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Toews had been held without a goal to begin the postseason up until Game 5 of this series. He added two assists in the Game 6 victory and looks like he has figured out his scoring troubles. That is very bad news for the Red Wings because he is now a man on a mission. I don’t see any way that Toews doesn’t score at least one goal during Game 7 with the way things are going now. He is also the captain of this Blackhawks team and there is no way he is going to allow his team to go down in Game 7 at home with the chance to move on.

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1. They Are Simply Better Overall

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The best way to look at this is simply that the Blackhawks are the better team all around. They had 21 more points than the Red Wings in the regular season. It has taken them a long time to get their act together during this postseason, but it appears that Detroit has got Chicago on its game after going up 3-1 in the series. The superior ability and talent on the Blackhawks will show through during Game 7. This game could very easily turn into a blowout if the Blackhawks decide they want to play at their regular season level from the opening whistle.