What is the Future of Winnipeg Jets Head Coach, Claude Noel?

By Stephanie Lewark

Winnipeg Jets head coach, Claude Noel, could be in danger of losing his job.  Any coach who fails to make it into the playoffs for two consecutive seasons is.  On top of that, Noel will be in his last year of a three-year contract with the Jets this upcoming season.  Noel was hired as Winnipeg’s coach back in June 2011 after coaching the Jets AHL affiliate, Manitoba Moose, for a year.

The team’s overall record with Noel behind the bench is 61-56-13, which amounts to nothing more than average at best.  With an overabundance of head coaches in the hiring pool, why would the Jets not take a chance on giving the team a new direction with a new head coach?  Then again, what would it hurt for the organization to sign Noel to an extension and part ways if it does not work out in the midst of that new contract?

The damage would come if the Jets neither fire nor extend his contract by how he appears to the team he is coaching without the backing of Winnipeg’s management team according to Gary Lawless of the Winnipeg Free Press.

Putting a $500,000-a-year coach in a room with every player making more money — and some as much as ten times more per season — is a difficult enough assignment. Leaving him unarmed without any security is like slapping meat cologne on him and throwing him in a cage with a pride of lions. They’ll tear him apart.

It just will not work.  Regardless, the Jets need to either extend Noel’s contract short-term or part ways with him to avoid feeding him to the lions.

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