Carolina Hurricanes Ready to Rebound From Injuries

By Josh Edwards
Cam Ward
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

After having their high expectations fall through this season, the Carolina Hurricanes are counting on many of their players to step it up next year. While players like Eric StaalJiri Tlusty and Alex Semin were close to perfect, the Hurricanes need more from their depth players. Some were sidelined with injuries and others just didn’t play to their capabilities.

It is almost certain that Cam Ward will have a much better season next year. Ward and the team struggled early probably due to the fact he didn’t play in the offseason. Ward was finally getting back to his usual play when he was involved in a violent collision. He was injured for the rest of the season, and the Hurricanes played much worse after he went. Ward is good enough to be a dominant goalie in the league and will likely come back strong in the 2013-2014 Season.

With his never give up attitude, Justin Faulk has shown that he is ready to make it happen again next year. Faulk played his second NHL season and was the Hurricane’s best defenseman. Unfortunately, he was also injured and missed 10 games near the end of the season.

The young defenseman ended strong with a nice point streak and showed his potential offensively. As Faulk continues to mature, he has the potential to explode next season and become one of the better defensemen in the league.

After a great start to the shortened season, Jeff Skinner was faced with another concussion that sidelined him midseason. Skinner still hasn’t become the elite player he has the potential to become. He continues to show he has more skill than almost anyone. If he can string together a full season without injury, Skinner will be a dominant forward for the Hurricanes next season.

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