Boston Bruins Conference Final Notes, Chapter 2

By Emma Harger
Charles LeClaire – USA TODAY Sports

The two teams’ responses to the Boston Bruins‘ huge 6-1 win in game two of the Eastern Conference Final against the Pittsburgh Penguins are as different as night and day. On the Pens side, you have Norris Trophy finalist Kris Letang, a -5 so far in this series, saying that the Bruins don’t forecheck (which is not entirely accurate) and just wait for Pittsburgh to make a mistake (of which he has made a few so far).

But on the Bs side, pretty much every voice I’ve heard associated with the Black and Yellow was careful to offer their adversaries praise (to a point that seems above and beyond the call of duty) and to not get cocky at all. They know the series could change when it shifts to Boston–for example, Penguins coach Dan Bylsma has already said he will make some line changes–and even though they’re up two to nothing, it’s not license to act like the series is already in the bag, even with their deep and productive layers of offense.

Yes, even though the Bruins are a combined +40 in the series so far, even though eight different Bruins have at least two points, even though the gif of Brad Marchand yapping at Matt Cooke before rushing off to score a goal and then yapping again is a thing of beauty, even though David Krejci is among the absolute best Boston has ever had when it comes to scoring in the postseason. His .918 points per game average in the playoffs is better than that of guys like Ray Bourque or Johnny Bucyk and if he’s on fire, having a multi-point game, the Bruins are extremely likely to win.

But again, even though the Bruins have been so good so far, they’re focusing more on determination. I just thought I’d at least share some nice facts about the team’s performance since they are so unlikely to pump their own tires.

At this rate, it seems they know what’s most important going into game three tomorrow night: stay the course. Keep up the good work, don’t underestimate a Pens team that does seem to be flailing, play your game. Let’s see how well it works tomorrow night at 8 p.m.



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