Is Martin Havlat's Time With San Jose Sharks At An End?

By Randy Holt
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

It’s become something of a tradition when spring time rolls around. Just as we’ve been able to predict a Raffi Torres suspension at some point during the postseason, we’ve also expected a disappointment from the San Jose Sharks. After cruising through the first round of this year’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, the Sharks failed to get through the second round.

The difference between this time and other previous playoff failures for the Sharks is that this time it could lead to a roster shakeup. A team that had reportedly floated some key players out there before the trade deadline could look at sending some veterans to other locations in order to get a bit younger.

One player that could be shown the door is one of their bigger names, but one that hasn’t been with the club as long as some of the other more recognizable players. But whether it’s by way of buyout or by way of trade, Martin Havlat could see his time with the San Jose Sharks come to an end this summer.

Havlat has only played in two seasons with the Sharks, playing in a combined 89 games, 40 of which came during this shortened season. While he was largely healthy during this season, a change of pace for a player who has long been labeled to be injury prone, the production simply wasn’t there.

In those 40 games, Havlat had just 18 points, including eight goals. During February and March, Havlat was a virtual ghost in this lineup, finding the back of the net just twice in two months. But as disappointing as it was, it’s his lack of consistency health-wise that could lead to his departure from San Jose.

He missed time in the playoffs with a groin injury. Which is the same injury that caused him to miss most of the 2011-2012 season. Throughout the course of his career, he’s always been a guy that has been known as brittle. Which means his lack of playing time in these last couple of years has come as no surprise.

With two years left on his deal, which carries a $5 million cap hit, the price simply isn’t worth it for the Sharks. They might try and find a buyer on the trade market, but a buyout may be the route they have to take in order to get  Havlat off the roster. He’s not too old that he won’t find a home, but there’s a certain degree of risk with a player like that, and one the Sharks likely don’t feel like taking anymore at this point.

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