Should the Philadelphia Flyers draft Tyler Lewington?

By Deanna Vasso
Should the Flyers consider drafting Tyler Lewington?
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While everyone has been watching the Conference Finals of the Stanley Cup heat up, a number of NHL hopefuls were participating in the NHL Draft Combine.

It’s finally June, which means that the draft its now less than a month away, so it is time to really start gearing up for the event. Those of you who have been dialed into the draft options are probably already familiar with the results from the combine, but here’s an update.

Tyler Lewington a defenseman from the WHL‘s Medicine Hat Tigers came out and showed everyone up. As a blueliner, he should be of particular interest to the Philadelphia Flyers. In the combine results, he did a combine-best at the 150 pound bench press with 16 reps, and he outshone the rest of the prospects by doing 42 push-ups. He also outperformed everyone at the push strength measurement with 340 pounds.

So it’s clear he has a lot of strength, but can he score?

Well, not so much, but that’s okay for a defenseman if they can make up for it by blocking shots and protecting their net. Lewington did not score any goals in his rookie season, but did log three assists. This season, he finally got himself on board with two goals and a big assists increase, helping his teammates out 24 times.

So it’s clear that he’s improving, but his PIMS is a huge cause for worry. His 46 PIMS could look like a rookie mistake during his first season, but then he increased that number to 111 this season. That’s pretty risky, and the Flyers already have a ton of players who take unnecessary penalties.

So should the Flyers keep an open mind and draft this kid? Probably not. He may have strength, but his attitude problem on the ice will be hard to break. If they do consider him, it should perhaps in the second round. He would not be a good pick in the first round.

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