A Full Season Of Jason Pominville Will Be Huge For Minnesota Wild

By Randy Holt
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

After the noise they’ve made in the past calendar year, it’s unreasonable to think that the Minnesota Wild will make another earth shattering move this summer. But they’re not in a position where they have to at this point, either. They had some streaks where their offense just didn’t show up, yes, but one of their trade deadline pickups will help to ease their search for offense this summer.

The Wild shocked everyone when they acquired Jason Pominville at the trade deadline back in April. The move was a significant one, not only because it was a third marquee player acquired in the last year by the Wild, but not many expected Pominville to actually move before the summer.

Nonetheless, the Wild grabbed a big time veteran who had long been underrated with his previous club. While he’ll likely continue to fly under the radar with the likes of Zach Parise skating in front of him on the depth chart in Minnesota, he proved that he could be a source of consistent offense for the Wild in brief action.

Pominville appeared in only two postseason games for the Wild, and did not record a point, but was limited by health issues. His time during the regular season demonstrated that he can be a force for this team offensively, just as he had been in his years with the Buffalo Sabres.

In 10 games with the Wild after he was acquired, Pominville posted nine points, including four goals. That stat line included a four-game point streak. The Wild were still hovering around .500 after acquiring him, but when Pominville put up points, the Wild won. In four of the five games in which Pominville recorded at least a point, the Wild grabbed at least a point in the standings.

With Pominville in the  mix for more than the last fifth of the season, the Wild should see more consistency in their offense. This was a group that saw their production dwindle as the season wore on. With some younger players contributing more, and a full season of Jason Pominville, that should turn around quickly.

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