Who Do New York Rangers Fans Root For in This Year's Stanley Cup Finals?

By Steven Carollo
Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know about you, but when I watch hockey I have to root for someone to win. I can never seem to just watch any sporting event and not have some type of rooting interest.

Now for all you New York Rangers fans out there, who love hockey regardless and watch the Stanley Cup Finals even if the Rangers do not make it, like myself, who do you root for in this year’s Chicago Blackhawks vs Boston Bruins Stanley Cup finals?  Maybe the Blackhawks or Bruins are your second favorite team, in which case you will have no problem. But what about people like me who have no dislike nor liking of the two teams remaining?  Who do you root for?

Let me break it down. If you are a Rangers fan and you don’t necessarily care for or dislike the Blackhawks or Bruins, my suggestion would be to root for the Bruins in this year’s Stanley Cup Finals.

The reason why I choose the Bruins, even though they eliminated the Rangers this postseason, is I think the city of Boston deserves something to celebrate after the horrific acts of terrorism that occurred during the Boston Marathon on April 15th of this year.  A feel-good story for the city of Boston and for America is always something to root for.

Another reason is that if you look at Stanley Cup victories of the Original 6 teams, the Rangers and Blackhawks are currently tied for last with only four Stanley Cup victories.  I know some don’t care, but for me, I would not like to see my favorite team, the Rangers, be dead last in Stanley Cup victories out of the Original 6 teams.

Is it a big deal if the Blackhawks have more Stanley Cups than the Rangers? Not really, but I just don’t like to be last in anything because I am very competitive and I assume most hockey fans are.

All in all, I am not telling you who to root for in the Stanley Cup Finals this year if you are a Rangers fan, but just simply explaining my reasoning of who I am rooting for and giving out suggestions in case you want to root for someone but don’t know who.

This is just my opinion and does not have to be yours.  No matter what team you decide to root for, just have fun and hope that one day soon the Rangers can bring home the Cup.

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