Vancouver Canucks Interview John Tortorella For Head Coaching Job

By Randy Holt
John Tortorella
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like there’s a chance that we could be headed for a match made in hockey hell. One of the more disliked coaches in the league interviewed with one of the more disliked teams in the league, as John Tortorella became a candidate for the Vancouver Canucks coaching vacancy.

The Canucks fired Alain Vigneault after yet another playoff disappointment. Ironically enough, Vigneault is a candidate for the New York Rangers job, which was just recently vacated by Tortorella. Torts was fired for a similar reason, in addition to his mismanagement of players on his roster.

Tortorella’s dismissal as head coach of the Blueshirts was much more unexpected than Vigneault. Everyone knew that anything less than a Stanley Cup title was going to cost him his job. Tortorella had signed a contract extension during the season, though. Nonetheless, he we are.

With Dallas Eakins, who was in for two interviews in Vancouver, now happily employed in Edmonton, Tortorella is actually one of the front runners for the Vancouver job. He’d certainly bring a different flavor behind the bench than Vigneault, as he’s one of the coaches with serious fire in the league.

In his time with the Rangers, Tortorella won 171 of 315 regular season games. He had come off of his best season, as the Rangers had grabbed the top seed in the Eastern Conference last year after winning 51 games.

It’d be extremely intriguing to see how Torts ended up working out in this locker room if he’s hired by the Canucks. A team of outspoken players joined by one of the more outspoken and fiery coaches in the game? Sounds like something that has the potential to be a whole lot of fun for everyone.

If you’re not in Vancouver, that is.

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