Calgary Flames Could Get Big Value In Trading Mike Cammalleri

By Randy Holt
Mike Cammalleri
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Though Jay Feaster hasn’t used the actual word officially, the Calgary Flames are an organization in the middle of a rebuild. They lack the veteran core to contend, and their young talent is not yet at a level that makes them a serious threat out of the Western Conference.

Which means that some veteran players are going to find their names into trade rumors this summer. We already saw Feaster move a couple of big names in home of stocking up the farm system, as he traded face of the franchise Jarome Iginla and Jay Bouwmeester. Could more moves be coming?

Absolutely. The Flames aren’t in a position where anyone is untouchable. Sure, Jiri Hudler and Dennis Wideman were just signed last summer, so they’re probably not going anywhere. But players with contracts that expire soon, or won’t be around when this team is ready to contend, could find their way out of town.

An ideal trade candidate is Mike Cammalleri. The veteran forward carries a $6 million cap hit and is set to become a free agent after next year. Though he was one of their only sources of consistent offense in 2013, he’s an ideal candidate to be moved by the Flames front office.

The main reason being that his contract expires after this year. If the Flames aren’t looking like contenders, why bother moving him? He does have a limited no trade clause, so he’ll have some say in where he goes. But if he was to hit the market, there would definitely be interest.

Cammalleri is a veteran guy and a player still capable of putting up a good chunk of points. He’s a top six player who would be a good fit for a team looking for someone at the pivot. He’s solid in the middle and will put up around the same amount of goals as he will helpers. There’s plenty of value in a guy like that.

If there’s a veteran that’s going to be dealt off of this Flames roster this summer, or perhaps at next year’s trade deadline, it’s Cammalleri. He’s probably not going to return as a free agent, so it only makes sense for Feaster and the Flames to explore a deal that would allow them to get a solid return for him.

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