Montreal Canadiens' P.K. Subban Inspiration For Many

By Andy Schmidt
P.K. Subban
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

There are very few black role models around the NHL. If there was one in particular that gets a lot of action, it would be Montreal Canadiens’ P.K. Subban. He is proving once and for all that the sport of hockey is for all races. He scored 38 points in 42 games this season for Montreal, and at age 24, he could have another 10-15 years left in him before his career is over.

He should be looked upon as an inspiration for African-Americans. You don’t see a lot of African-American hockey players, and for one to be as good as Subban is, may lead more into the sport. The key to this is obviously going to be whether or not he can continue his strong play in Montreal. If he can keep being a player that scores a point a game or more, there will be more and more people who pay attention to him.

There will always be people who have an issue or two with anything race-related that goes on, but we should be embracing Subban and what he is doing with the color barrier. I hope he can continue doing what he has already done because he could lead Montreal closer to the Stanley Cup in the coming years, which will only allow his legend to grow. He had a breakout season this year with the 38 points, which tied a career-high, and is on his way to even bigger seasons. I think it is time to pay even more attention to what he is doing on the ice and not judge him on other factors.

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