Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Final Notes, Chapter 2

By Emma Harger

Well, that was certainly a big game for the Boston Bruins, wasn’t it? The 2-1 overtime win, settled before the day changed this time, was due in large part to the hard work of the bottom six forwards. Don’t worry, it’s okay to refer to guys like Chris Kelly, Daniel Paille and Rich Peverley as the bottom six. Kelly said in postgame press conferences that it’s not demeaning, that guys know their place on the team. That doesn’t mean they can’t shine.

Sure, Ken Campbell from The Hockey News may be slightly miffed that the lesser-known guys, the “hardworking ham-and-eggers” as Doc Emrick put it, were the ones doing big things last night instead of the big stars. Bruins fans, though, will not complain. Besides, this team isn’t one for ascribing special importance to big stars, as none other than top-liner David Krejci said last series. When it comes to the Stanley Cup Final, would you rather the other guys step aside so the big names can do all the work? Or would that mean waiting for things that might not ever come?

Campbell expressed concern that the league, through some shady channels that apparently no one else knows about, is not letting its biggest names do their job in this series and is therefore shooting itself in the foot as far as ratings are concerned. If ratings for Game 2 are like the ones for Game 1, though, there’s no need to worry–Game 1 drew the highest numbers for an opening Stanley Cup game since 1997, back when games were shown on Fox. Really, it was a strange article with a strange theory from Campbell and I will dwell on it no more.

Instead, back to the Bruins, this team so close it’s like a family. Today is Father’s Day and, after the team got back to Boston, coach Claude Julien answered a reporter’s Father’s Day greetings by saying that his kids gave him a nice gift last night with the win. Aww. (I’m sure his actual children also got him something nice!) Later, he added that Gregory Campbell, nursing a broken leg, will be around the team more now that TD Garden is the venue. He wants to be nearby and, anyway, he’s part of the family.

Coach’s decision to shift some of the bottom six around a bit in Game 2 ended up working out well for him. He put Paille and Kelly with Tyler Seguin, firing them up to full blast: two of them scored goals and the other one assisted on the game-winner. So, his good thinking led to his nice gift.

Since tomorrow night’s game, at 8 p.m. on NBC Sports Network, will be at home, there will be Rene Rancourt. Can there also be more good things? Find out tomorrow!


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