Los Angeles Kings' Dustin Penner Lists House On Market

By Isaak Koenka
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dustin Penner started his NHL career in Anaheim after going undrafted at age of 18-years old. Now a savvy veteran, Penner has had adversity on and off the ice — a rocky marriage and suspicious “pancake”-related injury were just a couple of sources of criticism directed towards him as a member of the Los Angeles Kings.

It was made public today that the home he once shared with one of his former wives is officially on the market and for sale. Now, this doesn’t mean Penner necessarily is looking for a change of venue for his professional career; after all, Los Angeles is the only city you can skate in the morning, surf in the afternoon, ski in the evening and still get to Las Vegas by supper.

The house was a part of the divorce proceedings, though many details are not being revealed. Whether the listing of the home was purely for that reason or to possibly foreshadow a move away from Los Angeles, only one thing is for sure: Penner is not going to get as nice of a contract as he got last time around from Kings GM Dean Lombardi.

Penner’s performances in Los Angeles were meaningful in some games at best, but more commonly lacked any consistency to the point where he was once again benched in the regular season. Let’s just say it’d be unreasonable for him to expect a raise on his next contract signing.

Slava Voynov is getting ready to sign a contract that some are estimating around $4 million a year (inflated due to Ryan Suter’s deal in Nashville). While that number is probably coming from Voynov’s agent, it would make it even harder for the Kings to keep Penner and his huge salary around if he can’t produce on the ice on a regular basis.

One very important and special note concerning Penner: he is the most entertaining player on Twitter. Go follow him. He loves good music and the music scene here in Los Angeles. He has a great sense of humor. When he is at his best, he is a leviathan on the ice, destroying anyone he wants.

For L.A. fans, he may be the only former Duck on the Kings who is justifiable to love. If I had to bet, he’ll probably take a pay cut to stay and finish out his career — that is, unless the Kings find him truly a burden. Let’s hope not.


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