Calgary Flames Acquire Former Florida Panthers Draft Pick Corban Knight

By Randy Holt
Calgary Flames
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes, when you’re drafted by a team and end up refusing to sign with said team and end up traded to another team, it can result in a pretty good situation. And other times, when you are drafted by a team and end up refusing to sign with that team, you end up traded to the Calgary Flames.

Such is the situation with former Florida Panthers draft pick Corban Knight. The college forward, and former fifth round pick of the Panthers, made it pretty clear that he had no intention of signing before the August deadline and was shipped on to Calgary for a fourth round pick in this year’s draft.

Which means that the Flames have until August 15th to negotiate a contract with the North Dakota forward. If that doesn’t happen, he’ll hit the market in the same way that Justin Schultz did last year, though the type of bidding war we saw for Schultz was much greater than anything we’ll see for Knight.

For Knight as an individual, this is probably a good move. The Flames are an organization that is currently stuck in the mud, without  much forward movement. They do have some young talent and the fact that their organization lacks depth overall means that Knight will get an opportunity to crack to the roster almost immediately.

So just what are the Flames getting in Corban Knight? They’re getting a player who has the potential to be a very tough guy to play against. He’s not the biggest in the world, but is the type of player that doesn’t stop. He’ll put on a relentless forecheck and has a nose for the back of the net. He brings talent to the middle that the Flames organization largely lacks overall. Sounds like the type of player the Flames could use.

That’s assuming they get him signed. We can only assume it’s because of Florida’s depth in the middle, but it’s never really a positive thing to see a player refuse to sign with the team that drafted him, and his reputation could take a bit of a hit for this, as it probably should. But there’s no denying that for Knight personally, this could be a good move, as he’ll get playing time right away.

Of course, once he realizes that he’ll be spending quite a bit of time at the bottom of the Western Conference, we’ll see how he feels.

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