Winnipeg Jets' Evander Kane Learns Valuable Social Media Lesson

By Andy Schmidt
Evander Kane
Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Professional athletes can’t just go on Twitter and say whether they want without anything happening to them. I don’t think that message has gotten through to Evander Kane of the Winnipeg Jets.

He sent out a tweet during last week calling Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh a “fairy” during the NBA Finals. Kane has apologized for it and deleted the tweet, but not before everyone called the comment homophobic. I hope that this is a lesson for professional athletes about what they can’t say while on social media.

Kane should be ashamed of himself for his actions in sending that tweet out. The team should have fined him for that mistake, even if things like that happens as thoughts that are floating through the mind can sometimes go through the fingertips and onto the computer.

Winnipeg should have the opportunity to use Kane as an example of an African-American player doing well in the NHL. It would be something to build around. I wonder how Kane would have felt if the shoe was on the other foot and another pro athlete used a racial slur against him?

I’m sure he would have been outraged about it. It’s time that these players get really selective about their thoughts and how they choose to express them on social media, because whether they like it or not, everyone is watching.

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