Is John Tortorella Really Going To Coach Vancouver Canucks Next Season?

By Steven Carollo
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if ex-New York Rangers‘ head coach John Tortorella, who the team just fired four days after they were eliminated from the postseason on May 29, was to coach the Vancouver Canucks next season right after the Rangers went out and got the ex-Canucks head coach Alain Vigneault, who they just fired after they were eliminated from the playoffs in the first round?

Are the Canucks serious?  Well, it certainly looks like it, as the team has given Tortorella a second interview sometime this week to try to work out a deal to be their new head coach next season.

The Canucks have a fanbase who are starved for a Stanley Cup victory, and Tortorella has won a Stanley Cup before, but I do not think most of their fans would embrace Torts if he were their next head coach.

This is because Tortorella’s conservative style of play, post-game antics and his mouth got him in trouble with the New York media, the fans and most importantly his players, as he as said to have lost a lot of the Rangers’ players in the locker room by the end of their season.

This is why I do not think most of the Canucks fan base will accept him if he is indeed hired.

Also, with the Canucks having a bad reputation over the last few years of being a “soft” team, how would Tortorella’s abrasive style bode well with the players in the Canucks locker room? I do not think the Canucks players, especially their stars, would take to Tortorella’s criticism so kindly, to say the least.

If Torts becomes the new Canucks head coach, I would expect him to not only be fired quickly, but he might not even last the whole season with the Canucks.

Tortorella’s coaching talents would best be served in Dallas in my opinion, as the Dallas Stars are currently in search for a head coach, and Dallas not being a huge hockey town, meaning less pressure and lowered expectations.

With all that being said, all signs are pointing to a coaching swap for the Rangers and Canucks, which would definitely be interesting to watch and see how each team reacts to their new coach.

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