Rollercoaster Action Highlights Chicago Blackhawks’ Series-Tying Overtime Win

By Krista Golden
Michael Ivins-USA TODAY Sports

If the Chicago Blackhawks and Boston Bruins set out to render their fanbases dead or close to death, they’re doing a great job of it. They already put them through a three overtime nail biter, a shorter overtime and a Bruins shutout. This time, they decided to push their fans closer to a collective heart attack with a 6-5 Blackhawks overtime win that was wild as they come.

The game had a call and response feel to it, especially in the second and third periods. When the Blackhawks would score, the Bruins would fire back and do the same. The game was tied three times, with a Blackhawks tiebreaker being met with a tying Bruins goal twice. The nausea that was induced was akin to being seasick in a rickety ship on a stormy ocean.

But the game did give Blackhawks fans two nice things. Marian Hossa returned to the lineup after missing Game 3. Though he didn’t quite play like his usual self, he helped set up some great shots and even earned a primary assist on Patrick Sharp’s power play goal (yes, you read that right). Even when he’s not quite 100 percent, Hossa puts everything he has into the game.

The other nice thing happened right from the start. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews were finally reunited with Bryan Bickell on the top line, just as they had been for Games 4 and 5 in their series against the Los Angeles Kings. That line worked its magic against the Kings and did so again in this Game 4, with Toews breaking his scoring drought and Kane dishing a dirty backhand rebound from Bickell two minutes later.

With the series tied at two games each, the next game moves back to Chicago. Once again, it’s a critical one. With two days between this game and the next, the nerves will be turned up to 11, and that’s just for the fans.

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