Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Final Notes, Chapter 4

By Emma Harger
Could this guy be in pictures? Jerry Lai – USA TODAY Sports


This time, the Boston Bruins went off to Chicago on a beautifully sunny day in Boston, so the fan send-off happened in the great outdoors (and the Bruins even made use of Instagram’s new 15-second video feature. But before the Bruins boarded their big black and yellow bus, they had another morning practice inside TD Garden, when something rather interesting happened on the ice.

Namely, the Merlot line experienced the infusion of someone new to the maroon: Carl Soderberg. The stuff of legend among Bruins fans, he has yet to play a single playoff minute and has only played six regular-season games since his acquisition a few months ago, but could it be time for him to make his debut?

To say I have not been impressed with Kaspars Daugavins would be an understatement–Game 3 was especially bad for him, what with the penalty-taking and the offside-going and all of that. Jimmy Fallon may have jokingly named him the most likely to say “Cookies” after scoring a goal (as part of a ‘superlatives’ feature from a recent episode of his show, which is quite funny and can be found on the show website), but at this point, who knows what he says since we haven’t seen it happen!

Soderberg was participating on the Merlot line as a left-winger, although the decision to put him in actually hasn’t really been made yet and Daugavins did take some shifts on the fourth line as well. Coach Claude Julien is just trying something different, as he often does, and it won’t be clear who’s in and who’s not until about 8 p.m. tomorrow night. But who knows? Soderberg might be hungry for a shot at the big times in the big show.

Speaking of someone who wants to do something big, Milan Lucic is looking to expand his horizons and get into show business. Specifically, he wants to be in the upcoming Dumb and Dumber sequel (there is going to be one?) as the son of the character Sea Bass. If you’re unaware, Sea Bass in the original movie was played by none other than team president Cam Neely. Lucic approached the film’s director, Rhode Island native Bobby Farrelly, and asked him point-blank if he could be Sea Bass’ son. Farrelly liked the idea, saying that he could see the physical resemblance between Lucic and Neely. Now he needs to try to make it happen!

Back to the main idea here, though: tomorrow night’s game at 8 p.m. on NBC.


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