Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Final Notes, Chapter 5

By Emma Harger
Rob Grabowski – USA TODAY Sports

So, have we all done what we need to do in order to try to forget that awful Boston Bruins game last night? Or are we still in the process of doing so? The team definitely wasn’t playing like themselves last night and it showed–the good news, perhaps, is that they seem to be just as aware of this fact as we are from the other side of the TV.

David Krejci said the team will be ready. Tuukka Rask promised they will throw everything they have on the table. Nathan Horton literally wished that this could be a back-to-back twofer because he really just wanted to get right back at it. Coach Claude Julien doesn’t feel like he needs to give a big rile-them-up speech for the ages–he knows, after all, that talk is cheap and actions speak quite a lot louder than words.

On the Patrice Bergeron front, there does appear to be some good news. He traveled back to Boston with the team, was declared day-to-day and reportedly even ate a lot of food last night. Well, a healthy appetite is always a good thing. It’s a given that no one is going to officially announce what is troubling him, though that doesn’t mean people are refraining from speculation.

I’ve heard two main possible culprits: the spleen and the kidney. But again, nothing will be disclosed and nothing about his potential playing status will be official until tomorrow. It does help that the team feels hopeful about his ability to go on tomorrow night, though.

Which leads right to this: tomorrow’s game, 8 p.m., NBC. Cancel your plans, ignore your phone and prepare as needed.


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