Calgary Flames Say Arena Will Be Ready To Start 2013-14 Season

By Randy Holt
Calgary Flames
Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve been following the current flooding disaster taking place up in Alberta, then chances are you’ve already seen several of the pictures of what the Calgary Flames arena, the Scotiabank Saddledome, currently looks like, with at least 14 rows currently under water.

From Flames’ president Ken King:

“The tales of it being up to row eight or nine are absolutely true. To put that into perspective that means if you were a hockey player walking out of the tunnel onto the ice you would be underwater yourself. It’s is a total loss on the event level. To the extent it is greater than that we do not know.”

The images include the flooding of the arena, debris floating around in the water, and the recently discovered head of Harvey the Hound, the Flames’ mascot. The rest of his body has yet to be discovered. All signs in this disaster point to the Flames being nomads of sorts, or at least needing to find a consistent home for the 2013-14 season, right?

Not quite. It would appear, at least by the words of team president Ken King, that the Flames will begin their season at the Saddledome on time next season. King was emphatic about the fact that the arena will be good to go, with crews working around the clock to repair the tremendous damage to the arena.

The damage to the ice and seating area were not all that was damaged in the flooding. Both locker rooms, the coaches office, kitchens, and equipment that manages the Jumbotron were all damaged, as well as some memorabilia. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be needed in order to properly repair the arena.

Whether or not the crews will be able to meet King’s hope that the arena will be ready remains to be seen. There’s still the matter of getting the building cleared out of water and debris before anything can begin, a process that may not begin for quite some time. Stay tuned.

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