San Jose Sharks Now Stuck With Forward Martin Havlat For Now

By Randy Holt
Martin Havlat
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

With the compliance buyouts beginning to dominate the headlines, now that we’ve officially begun the 2013 offseason, it appears that one player that had a potential to be sent off with one in the coming days will now be sticking around, as the San Jose Sharks will not be buying out Martin Havlat.

Not that that’s entirely their choice. Nor was it any sort of guarantee that it was going to happen. A trade was also possible, as many had speculated that the Sharks would try and dump one of their more disappointing players in his short time with the team, both with performance and with health.

In only 79 games in two combined seasons with the Sharks, Havlat has only posted 45 points total. Eighteen of those came this year, including just eight goals. Obviously it’s a pretty big disappointment, but at the same time, Havlat hasn’t really been on the ice long enough to gain his footing.

After playing in 40 of 48 games during the regular season, he was able to appear in just two during the postseason. Given Havlat’s playoff history, it was a big loss for the Sharks. He was held out of all the action, save a game in each of the Sharks’ two playoff series because of a groin issue.

The Sharks are hoping that issue has been handled, as he underwent surgery on his groin earlier this week. The timetable may not have him on track to return in time for training camps to open. From a financial aspect, the fact that he is now out indefinitely hinders the Sharks’ ability to use a buyout on him completely.

He won’t be bought out and it’ll be tough to trade him, meaning the Sharks are stuck with Martin Havlat. That might not be the worst thing, if he can remain healthy and rebound, but at the same time, there are still no guarantees that he’ll be back with the club next season, even with the Sharks’ current inability to cut him loose.

This will be a situation to watch for the Sharks. If Havlat can prove he’s completely healthy and show that he can be an asset, then the Sharks will likely keep him around for the final two years of his contract. If not, a buyout or trade may still be in his future, once he eventually does recover.

Either way, it looks like the Sharks are stuck with Martin Havlat, at least for the time being.

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