Ottawa Senators: Who Gets The Captain's Patch If Daniel Alfredsson Retires?

By Randy Holt
Daniel Alfredsson
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

We’re a few weeks into the summer for the Ottawa Senators and we still have no indication of whether or not captain Daniel Alfredsson plans to call it a career or come back for another season. The Senators have said they won’t rush him, so it could be even longer before we hear about a decision.

Given some of the statements we’ve heard from Alfredsson over the past several weeks, mostly relating to his family, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to hear that he’s ready to hang up the skates. If he does end up calling it a career, it’ll be interesting to see how the Sens replace him in the lineup.

Even more interesting to see will be who succeeds him as captain of the Senators. Alfredsson has been captain of the Senators since the 1999-2000 season, meaning inheriting the ‘C’ from him will be no easy task, not unlike Henrik Zetterberg taking over from longtime Detroit captain Nicklas Lidstrom.

There are a few candidates here for Ottawa. The most logical decision here would be Jason Spezza. He’s the biggest offensive name on the team and their no. 1 center. He’s a career Senator and, at the age of 30, still has plenty of mileage left, assuming he’s able to stay healthy.

Erik Karlsson is also intriguing. Recent years have seen teams turn the C over to younger names looked at as the face of the franchise, which Karlsson certainly has become in his time with the Senators. He’s going to be in Ottawa for a very long time, and could make some sense.

In the end, the Senators are likely hoping to push this decision off for another year, as they’d prefer Alfredsson returns for another year. If he does call it quits, it’d be surprising to see the captaincy go to anyone other than Karlsson or Spezza, with the latter seeming more likely. We’ll see.

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