Boston Bruins 2013 NHL Draft Notes

By Emma Harger
Peter Chiarelli is getting pretty busy. Jerry Lai – USA TODAY Sports


Barring some entirely possible last-minute horse trading that gets them picking in the first round, the first sight of the Boston Bruins crew at the 2013 NHL Draft won’t be until pick number 60, which is the next to last selection of the second round. Their lone first-round selection this year, number 29, was dealt off to the needier Dallas Stars as part of the package that brought Jaromir Jagr (so long, number 68, we hardly knew ye) to TD Garden.

Then they will also select at picks number 90, 120, 150, 180 and 210, so the Bruins hold a pick in every single round that isn’t the first. Since draft was reduced to just one day as one of the final aftereffects of the NHL lockout, it will be more convenient than ever for fans to watch the whole kit and caboodle. The show starts at 3 p.m. on NBC Sports Network.

Rumors have been flying rampant all over the Internet on Draft’s Eve about a potential deal that would send Tyler Seguin somewhere else. The rumored destination changes, although one commonality is that all of the various cities have first-round picks. Coincidence? General manager Peter Chiarelli has said that he would like to possibly trade up into the first round, but that’s the ideal wish for any GM outside the first round.

It feels unthinkable for the Bruins to want to deal Seguin off at this point, though. He’s only 21 and has shown real potential, especially in 2011-12, a 29-goal, 38-assist outing for him that also included a +34 rating. His production did decrease this season and really took a nosedive after his boneheaded decision to refer to feeling emotional in a rather juvenile and homophobic manner on Twitter. From there on in, and especially in the playoffs, he seemed to be totally snakebitten.

But, he has had good times, he’s young and maybe he’s being stymied a bit in his development: the position he plays, who he’s playing with and honestly, who he’s living with–for example, Patrice Bergeron lived with Martin Lapointe when he was a young player and it made him a better person.

So, I would not expect a deal involving number 19 to happen. Some players might be traded to earn a higher draft pick, but at this point, it would be quite a huge shock if Seguin were to leave. It could happen–this week has taught Bruins fans that nothing is sacred and everything hurts, apparently–but don’t read too far into all these rumors.

Back to Chiarelli, who’s noticed a bigger flurry of pre-draft strategy sessions and discussions on the business side of things, which can be linked to the one-day draft format. Fun trivia: the last time the NHL did a one-day draft was 2006, a full year and a full draft separated from the worst lockout. It was the year Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand were selected–along with Phil Kessel, Claude Giroux and Jonathan Toews, among others.

Now, on this eve of the draft, let’s recall perhaps the funniest and most surprising moment from last year’s pickings: when Chiarelli called the name of none other than Malcolm Subban.

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