New York Rangers Rumors: Vincent Lecavalier? Are You Serious?

By Steven Carollo
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Vinny Lecavalier, an all-star center for the Tampa Bay Lightning who helped them win the Stanley Cup back in 2004, is not coming back to the team next season, as the Lightning announced, a few days prior, that they have bought him out his contract.

This is not “new” news by any means, but this is:

The New York Rangers are rumored to have a high interest in Lecavalier and might reach a deal with him soon. Are you serious? You do not buy out Brad Richards and instead you decide to go after another overpriced forward who was just bought out a few days ago? You must be joking.

Sadly, he is not. And of course who I am referring to is Rangers GM for life Glen Sather. This man has done nothing but hurt this organization time and time again, yet he still has a job because Rangers owner James Dolan knows absolutely nothing about hockey and trusts Sather to run everything. Sather has been the GM for the Rangers since 2000 and the furthest this team has gone under his regime are to the Eastern Conference Finals, which was only one single time, back in the 2011-2012 season. Anyway, enough about the Rangers bogus GM, as I can rant for days about him.

Back to the subject matter in Lecavalier. Ever since his monster season in 2006-2007, where he scored 52 goals and recorded a total of 108 points, he has declined substantially year after year. He is now 33 years old and with a cap hit last season of a little less than $8 million, and with the Rangers only having a cap space of $15 million, how are the Rangers going to get him?

Obviously if they do, then the Rangers will have to trade some young players like Michael Del Zotto and J.T. Miller, which rumors have already started that those 2 are the ones being mentioned in possible trades. If this is proven fact, and not just rumors, then the Rangers are making an absolutely tremendous mistake. I don’t care that some fans are saying, well maybe if the Rangers get Lecavalier that he might spark Richards and vice versa. Yeah … sure. I would not spend all that money on two players who might spark each other and might have a good season. There is just no end to how much Sather infuriates me.

See, I can’t stop talking about Sather even when I want to.

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