Boston Bruins GM Issues Much-Needed Wakeup Call for Tyler Seguin

By Casey Drottar
Rob Grabowski-US Presswire

It didn’t take very long for the Boston Bruins‘ offseason to start getting crazy. First, winger Nathan Horton notified team management that he would be testing free agency instead of resigning with Boston. Though the door always remains open for a change of heart, the likelihood of Horton returning is low considering the Bruins need to spend a lot of money elsewhere on their roster.

Following Horton’s announcement were the sudden rumors that Boston was shopping one of their young talents in potential trade talks. As NHL Draft Day neared, Tyler Seguin‘s name was being tossed around as possible bait to help the Bruins move up in the draft.

The weekend came and went without any movement on Seguin’s part, but this doesn’t mean the saga has ended as quickly as it started. According to Comcast Sports New England, Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli had some pretty definitive statements in regards to Boston’s up-and-comer when asked about the possible trade talks.

“He’s got to commit his mind and focus to the one task at hand,” Chiarelli said. “He’s got to become more of a professional. You know what? I can say that about a lot of 21-year-olds.”

“I know he got criticized for playing on the periphery and all that stuff. He did. He’s got to commit to being a professional and focusing on the game. Simple as that. He does that, we don’t expect him to be crashing and banging. Just play your game.”

The writing seems to be on the wall for Seguin; the team wasn’t psyched with his performance this year. After having a solid 2011-12 season, netting 29 goals to go with 38 assists, his production decreased this year. For the most part, his postseason stats have been quite paltry.

Its safe to say a little bit more is expected of you when you’re drafted as the second overall pick, as Seguin was in 2010.

His response to these comments is critical. At just 21 years of age, its understandable that Seguin might still be developing in terms of professionalism and maturity. Give anyone his age the amount of money on his contract, and it will definitely overwhelm. Its also worth noting that Seguin had the privilege of winning the Stanley Cup in his first season as a pro.

The possibilities are endless for Boston’s young winger. His skill knows no bounds, but his all-around game needs improvement. Had he been able to contribute more offensively during this past postseason, perhaps the Bruins would’ve been hosting a championship parade last week instead of the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Bruins expected Seguin to become a franchise player when they drafted him. He’s still young, so his development is very much ongoing.

With that being said, Chiarelli has made it pretty clear: Seguin is not untouchable, and needs to make big strides next season.

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