Boston Bruins Shaking Up Offense

By Tim Nikolouzos
Scott Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Bruins look to be set for a busy offseason as they try to build a team for next season. The salary cap and some free agents on the market have opened the door for some personnel changes for the squad, especially concerning their forwards Nathan Horton and Tyler Seguin.

Horton is reportedly leaving the Bruins next season to seek some greener pastures. Quite literally, he is seeking green. The Bruins can not afford to pay him more than his current salary which was a six-year contract of $24 million. Given his excellent playoff performance, while nursing a shoulder injury, he could find a team in free agency that would pay him the annual $6 million a year wants.

Vincent Lecavalier is looking for a new home since the Tampa Bay Lightning bought out his contract. He met with the Bruins in Boston on Saturday, but it remains to be seen how this may play out. It would be a good fit for both parties if Horton signs with another team since Lecavalier will bring leadership and experience.

Bruins winger Seguin has surprisingly become a topic in trade rumors in recent day. Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli reported that he has been taking calls on the winger. Seguin under performed this season compared to the expectation placed on him, especially during the playoff run in which he only scored one goal in 22 games. The Bruins will have to make a decision then if they think Seguin is a long term franchise player for the team or somebody they want to trade away to maximize the profit.

If Horton does sign with another team and the Bruins trade away Seguin, there could a big winger deficit in Boston, especially with Jaromir Jagr gone. Hopefully, the management will think the Seguin deal through before too much of the team is gutted away.

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