Boston Bruins Rumors: Patrice Bergeron Out of Hospital, Anticipating Long-Term Deal

By Casey Drottar
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

As we’ve learned in the past week, there’s tough, and then there’s Patrice Bergeron.

The Boston Bruins center finished out the NHL Stanley Cup Finals with a laundry list of injuries, including a cracked rib, torn cartilage, a separated shoulder, and a punctured lung. Give any one of those injuries to a normal human being, they’ll be sidelined for at least two weeks. For Bergeron? Just tough it out and finish the season.

He left for the hospital immediately after Game 6 against the Chicago Blackhawks came to a dramatic, and for Boston, disappointing conclusion. His teammates had no idea how severe his injuries were until break-up day last Wednesday, but none were too surprised. Its just Bergeron’s dedication to the game on display.

He met with the media this past Tuesday for the first time since the finals came to a close. Admitting he had trouble breathing throughout Game 6, Bergeron claimed he had no idea how severe his injuries were until he made it to Massachusetts General Hospital.

He told USA Today:

“I felt like my chest was closing in on me,” Bergeron said. “The doctors didn’t want to take any chances. There is an X-ray machine here. But you couldn’t tell, really. It wasn’t clear enough for them. So they wanted to make sure. Luckily enough, they made the right decision. I went there right away and they found out my lung had collapsed.”

Now on the road to recovery, Bergeron fully expects to be ready for training camp in a couple months. What he also anticipates is a new contract extension.

Currently signed through next season, the Bruins Assistant Captain is someone the front office can ill-afford to lose, and they know it. However, Bergeron intimated he was “very confident” that a deal is coming sometime soon from the team that drafted him ten years ago, and finishing out his career with Boston is his dream situation.

“It would mean a lot,” Bergeron said. “It’s a team that believed in me when I was 18 and when I was coming up and now, like I said before, it’s my home. I feel like it is, and I love the city. I love the people, definitely love the organization.”

Early rumors are that the deal would be about eight years in length and around $50 million, ensuring Bergeron will be a Boston Bruin for the bulk of his prime.

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