NHL Rumors: Boston Bruins Thinking About Daniel Alfredsson

By Emma Harger
Charles LeClaire – USA TODAY Sports

The Ottawa Senators could very well take to the ice next year without their longtime captain Daniel Alfredsson, but not due to the obvious outcome (his retirement). Rather, he might sign with a different team since he’s set to become an unrestricted free agent. One team that’s expressed some interest and gotten in touch with Alfredsson’s camp is none other than the Boston Bruins. As if the tension between two teams that were in the same division, and actually still will be when realignment is completed, needs to be any higher!

The idea of Alfredsson jumping on the ice next year, but in the Black and Gold, against Ottawa isn’t a palatable one to me. Remember the ways Sens fans vocally saluted him during games and at the 2012 All-Star Game? Boost that exponentially, except maybe add an edge of betrayal and sadness expressed in chants and hoots.

Sure, he plays on the right wing, which is a spot that’s in need of a little filling in Boston now. Yeah, he had 26 points in 47 regular-season games last year, plus 10 points in 10 playoff games. Okay, reportedly general manager Peter Chiarelli–who has prior experience with Alfredsson from back when Chiarelli was assistant general managing the team in Canada’s capital–marketed his team as a good place for players to try to win a Stanley Cup before they retire. (They did come within two wins of doing just that last month, after all.)

Indeed, Alfredsson has been captaining the Sens since the 1999-2000 season, so it’s not like he’s deficient in the areas of guidance and leadership. Gee, are there any wayward young Bruins who could use a lot of veteran voices trying to get him back on the right track? Any at all?

But even with all the positives here, when it comes to filling in the right-wing hole on the team, to me Alfredsson isn’t the ideal choice. One ideal choice is actually right in front of us.

According to Alfredsson’s agent and Ottawa’s general manager, the longtime Sens captain is committed to playing in Ottawa for 2013-14 anyway. That would be the best outcome of this situation. Simply put, the Senators need him more than the Bruins need him.

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