Boston Bruins Gave Up On Tyler Seguin Way Too Early

By Randy Holt

The madness of the first day of free agency overshadowed one of the larger trades that will take place during this offseason, with Tyler Seguin being traded by the Boston Bruins, along with Rich Peverley, to the Dallas Stars, in exchange for a package headlined by Loui Eriksson.

Reviews of this trade have been mixed to this point, but the general consensus seems to be that the Bruins won this trade in the short-term, as they acquired one of the league’s most underrated two-way players, in winger Loui Eriksson, as well as some promising young talent from the Stars.

The Bruins, both their front office and fans, couldn’t seem to get rid of Seguin fast enough. Despite a solid postseason appearance, Seguin’s legacy will be his off-ice issues, with the partying and everything else that comes with being a 21-year-old in the National Hockey League.

However, while this is a trade that will benefit the Bruins in their immediate future, as Eriksson is a heck of a player, they’ll regret abandoning Seguin so early in his career. His upside is tremendous. He’s a franchise center that never really had a chance to grow with the Bruins. He’ll get that opportunity in Dallas, and this trade makes their future outlook even brighter.

Seguin has the makeup of a top line center for this team for the next several years. Spending so much time on the wing in Boston, which makes sense given how crowded it was in the middle, made many of us forget about that. But his upside, both as a goal scorer and a playmaker, is incredible.

Putting this kid next to Jamie Benn on the top line, and perhaps even Valeri Nichushkin in the very near future, gives the Stars one of the most dynamic young top lines anywhere in the league. Seguin really is a building block, and while giving up Eriksson was a rough choice to make, 21-year-old franchise centers don’t exactly grow on trees. They can replace Eriksson much more easily than they could find a center of Seguin’s caliber.

Giving up on Seguin would have been like the Chicago Blackhawks giving up on Patrick Kane after his off-ice incidents involving alcohol over the years. Rather than cutting him loose, the Blackhawks worked with him, and Kane eventually took responsibility for himself and had a fantastic 2013 season that resulted in a Conn Smythe win.

It might be a couple years before we can truly look at this trade and say the Bruins made a mistake, and they may find some big success in the short term with Eriksson in the fold, but it’s almost a certainty that they will regret giving up on Tyler Seguin so early on in his career at some point down the line.

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