Jerome Iginla Signs With Boston Bruins, For Real

By Tim Nikolouzos
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It has been reported that Jerome Iginla has agreed to a one-year deal with the Boston Bruins worth $1.8 million and incentives that can add up to $6 million by the end of the season. This deal, for real this time, comes as a surprise considering all of the uproar just a few months ago.

Bruins fans will gladly remember winning the Eastern Conference Championship this season by sweeping the Pittsburgh Penguins, the team that Iginla chose to sign with at the last minute instead of the Bruins. The Bruins then, of course, saw the Penguins 36-year old and raised them a 41-year-old by the name of Jaromir Jagr. It seems that Iginla has quickly changed his mind again and has now opted for the Black and Gold.

Iginla scored five goals and six assists in his 13 regular season games with the Penguins. However, he is only one of 42 players to have  500 career goals, most of which came with the Calgary Flames during his 15 seasons with them.

The Bruins can expect a similar role Jagr played from Iginla. He has some of the offensive production that will be needed now that Nathan Horton has officially signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets. More importantly, Iginla is an experienced right wing player, something which the Bruins desperately need as the first line and third lines are missing right wing players. He will prove to be a valuable addition for the Bruins at an affordable price. With most of his money depending on his performance, the Bruins have caught a good veteran player that fits well into the salary cap space.

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