Los Angeles Kings: Could Jarome Iginla Be A Free Agent Target?

By Randy Holt
Jarome Iginla
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Kings don’t have a ton of money to play around with this summer, but we do know that they could be players in signing the right free agent, if there’s a fit. One player who could fit the bill as a potential target for the Kings is veteran forward Jarome Iginla.

Iginla is a free agent looking to sign perhaps the last deal of his career and make a real run at a Stanley Cup. He was pretty much a non-factor in his short time with the Pittsburgh Penguins, espcially in the postseason, so it was pretty much a certainty that he wasn’t going to be back. He simply wasn’t a fit there.

Not so much the case with the Kings. The Kings are a club that could use another offensive forward, but Iginla’s style of game would likely fit in with the Kings. They don’t rely on speed as heavily as the Penguins do, which is a bonus for Iginla right away. They play a physical type of game that would suit him well.

The Kings were among the four finalists vying for Iginla’s services when he was being shopped at the trade deadline. He was one of the teams that he had wanted to land with, and now has the opportunity to do so in free agency. With a few forwards, including Dustin Penner, expected to leave in free agency, Iginla could be a fit.

We don’t know exactly what type of contract Iginla is looking for. Whether he’s looking for a two-year deal or more, or even what his cap hit could be is something that remains to be seen. But we do know that he’s looking for a Stanley Cup title. With the Kings, he’d be afforded that opportunity.

This is a team with a strong core of players just a year removed from winning their first Stanley Cup in franchise history, along with a deep playoff run to the Western Conference Finals this year. Iginla is a power forward and would fit right in with this team. Whether or not the two sides can come to an agreement, we’ll have to wait and see.

But the fact that there is a match here is completely undeniable.

UPDATE: Iginla has signed a deal with the Boston Bruins, ironically enough, meaning it’s back to the drawing board for the Kings if they’re trying to acquire another winger to add to the mix.

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