Philadelphia Flyers Make Right Move Re-Signing Claude Giroux

By Deanna Vasso
Claude Giroux Re-signs with Philadelphia Flyers
James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

It has been reported that the Philadelphia Flyers have re-signed captain Claude Giroux to a multi-year contract. The deal was not a surprising move, as it was really the first offseason move that the Flyers needed to complete before making any other trades. Locking up their captain is key for their success next season.

The Flyers have officially confirmed that Giroux’s contract extension is for eight years worth a total of $66 million. The Flyers really want to keep the “Next Bobby Clarke” in the system, and an eight-year contract is the league maximum for contracts under the new collective bargaining agreement.

Re-signing Giroux was definitely the right thing the Flyers needed to do, but the money they gave him may be a problem due to the Vincent Lecavalier signing and the Mark Streit signing. Due to these big numbers, the Flyers are going to be over the cap again. Now that they really need to look for another goalie, it’s definitely going to raise some issues.

Was Giroux worth quite that much money? Perhaps not as high as his contract is, but it is clear that Giroux is an elite player. He was given that ‘C’ on his chest for a reason, although it did seem like it meant ‘cursed’ rather than ‘captain’ this season. Despite that Giroux was not wracking up goals this season, as he was in the previous season, he was still influential as the Flyers’ captain.

When the Flyers started to fail, Giroux was in the locker room giving his teammates hell to try to rally his ‘troops.’ He was also quietly logging points by assisting his teammates at the net all season long.  That seems like what a good captain does.

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