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5 Biggest Personnel Changes For Boston Bruins

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5 Biggest Personnel Changes For Boston Bruins

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There have been a lot of personnel changes this week due to the start of free agency. The Boston Bruins, as with most teams, have been affected by this, seeing some stars leave while others are arriving. Whether expected or not, this frenzy activity is normal, and it appears nothing has been taken off the table.

The Bruins have had to address one area of concern that needs to be resolved. The addition of a solid right wing player is crucial moving forward. With some key players, including a top-six forward, there is a gap of leadership, experience and talent that will need to be filled. Some of the recent signings and trades have helped assure that this gets done although there is still work left to do.

We can expect there to be more player signings as the finishing touches will be put on the squad in the weeks to come. As teams rush to grab the best talent available on the market, we can expect things to slow down. For right now, lets digest the recent events of the past week, or rather day, and try to make sense of all the new faces and the familiar ones that have gone.

As the Bruins begin to build a team for the next season that can challenge for the Stanley Cup again, lets take a look at some of the biggest moments in free agency for the Bruins. Here are some of the new arrivals and departures that are notable for the team.

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5. Anton Khudobin

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Despite being second string goalie, his performances were a great luxury for the Bruins.

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4. Jaromir Jagr

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His experience and leadership were great addition for the playoffs, but his age and lack of goals is why he was let go by the Bruins.

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3. Tyler Seguin

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Seguin's immaturity and effort on the ice were becoming to much to deal with for the Bruins.

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2. Nathan Horton

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Despite reaching the Stanley Cup Finals two out of three years, Horton was still looking for a payday and he found one outside of Boston.

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1. Loui Eriksson

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He is a solid addition to the squad and is the premier signing so far. He will give some great production next season.