Ryan McDonagh Back With The New York Rangers For 6 More Years, An Excellent Move

By Steven Carollo
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s official. Ryan McDonagh, star defenseman for the New York Rangers who the Montreal Canadiens stupidly traded away for Scott Gomez back in 2009, is staying with the Rangers for at least six more years, barring some sort of trade or buyout which hopefully never occurs.

Earlier today, McDonagh signed a six-year contract worth $28.2 million in total, and $4.7 million per season. Definitely a bargain, in my opinion, since some thought he would want at least $5 million per season.

McDonagh is 24 years of age and already the second-best defenseman on the team, only behind Marc Staal, and that is still subject for debate. So far in his three-year regular season career with the Blueshirts, McDonagh has put up 12 goals and 48 assists, a total of 60 points, and has a plus/minus of 54. When compared to Staal, yes, he might be better than McDonagh overall, but with Staal’s inability to stay healthy, and with his eye injury he suffered last year that might never fully heal — by this upcoming season — McDonagh could be the Rangers best overall defenseman. And with possibly your best overall defenseman signing a long six-year contract worth less than $5 million per year, this signing was definitely a great deal for the Rangers and I don’t know how anyone can argue that.

Now with McDonagh locked up, one can only imagine that Rangers forward Derek Stepan will be the next restricted free agent that Rangers GM Glen Sather locks down for a number of years. So hopefully a deal with Stepan can be reached as quickly as possible, and then soon enough it will be time to set up a long term deal with a player who is an unrestricted free agent after this upcoming season and who everyone should have at least heard of, a guy by the name of Henrik Lundqvist.

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