Shawn Horcoff Will Be An Excellent Addition To The New Look Dallas Stars

By Randy Holt
Shawn Horcoff
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Stars have made a flurry of moves in the past week, all of which have taken them from a team on the cusp of a playoff spot, to a team looking like someone that could be very dangerous within the next few years. They acquired veteran talent and young talent alike, while still managing to maintain a farm system that is among the best in the game.

Among those additions was Shawn Horcoff. A player that had worn out his welcome with the Edmonton Oilers, Horcoff will be a terrific addition to a young Stars team in need of some help in the middle. With Horcoff and Tyler Seguin in the mix, they’ve built up one of the better 1-2 punches in the game, if Seguin can find his game quickly.

Horcoff costs a pretty penny, carrying a cap hit over $5 million for the next two years, but he could be worth it for the Stars. The veteran leadership aspect of it makes him valuable on its own. He’s a great guy to have around in the locker room, and is coming from an Edmonton club where he was the captain.

While he likely won’t wear the C in Dallas, he’ll still be a vocal leader in the locker room. But he’ll also bring some skill to the middle, for a Stars team that was in need of help at center. His offensive numbers haven’t been impressive over the past few years, but he’s put up more than 50 points four times in his career. So he’s capable of a strong offensive output.

He’s sitting right at about 50 percent for faceoffs in his career, so that presence at the dot will be a welcome one as well. He’s also shown throughout his career that he can be an asset on the power play as well, with three seasons in which he totaled over 20 points on the man advantage.

Horcoff may not have been wanted anymore with the youth movement in Edmonton, but the folks in Dallas are likely more than happy to have him. He’s a veteran guy who comes into a position where the Stars needed some serious depth. He’ll fit in with the young team in multiple ways. This should pan out to be an excellent move for the Stars, even with his contract.

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