New Jersey Devils Signing Ryane Clowe is a Bad Move

By Steven Carollo
Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Ryane Clowe, who just last season played with the New York Rangers after receiving him in at the trade deadline from the San Jose Sharks, was an unrestricted free agent this summer but didn’t stay that way for long.   On the first day of the free agent signing period, Clowe was scooped up rather quickly by the Rangers’ Hudson River rivals, the New Jersey Devils.

Clowe’s contract with the Devils was for five year, $24 million.  Many were rather shocked and perplexed that of all teams, the Devils would give a lot of money to a player not worth that type of contract.

So was it a bad move?

As of right now yes it is.  Now Devils’ GM Lou Lamoriello is a genius and has one of the most brilliant hockey minds, but this signing just makes absolutely no sense to me.

I mean I could understand if the Devils signed Clowe to a one or two year deal, but five years? Clowe was only on the Rangers for half a season and received not one but two concussions, which made him miss most of the playoffs.

With Clowe being 30 years of age, having a history of concussions, and playing a full 82 game regular season only once in his entire eight-year career, it is very unlikely that he will earn his new contract with the Devils.  Also for him to make $4.8 million per season while coming off of his worst year since the 2007-2008 season with three goals and five assists while being out injured for most of the year as well, it is just very strange to me to say the least that the Devils front office would agree to this signing.

Now maybe Lamoriello once again knows something we all don’t know, but as of right now, I have to say this looks like a really bad move for the Devils.

What do you think?

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